Discovery is one of the national leaders in the EdTech Demonstrator Programme with Kibworth CE Primary being named our lead school.

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Discovery is one of the national leaders in the EdTech demonstrator programme with Kibworth CE Primary being named our lead school. Kibworth have a long history of utilising technology going as far back as 2007 when leading Leicestershire’s e-Pal project, this project then continued into a wider role offering support on purchasing and setup of VLEs with schools in the Leicestershire area.

In 2012 Kibworth CE Primary was a lead school in forming the Discovery and Kibworth’s experience in VLEs played a key role in helping to develop this partnership with schools choosing to join the trust. This helped to develop online learning communities across schools, sharing of resources and developing a consistent approach to teaching and learning across Discovery.

In 2016, Discovery adopted Office 365 as our main platform with the trust going on to learn and utilise the included tools such as Teams and OneNote in the years to come, vital for working collaborative on different sites and for remote learning with children.

In 2020, we were awarded the EdTech Demonstrator status which allows our technician team and lead professional to deliver support to other schools in the region on how to utilise Microsoft Teams for remote learning.


At Discovery we have always placed a big emphasis on EdTech and how it can positively impact teaching and learning, from reducing workload for teachers to helping to keep children actively engaged. With this in mind we have always ensured we have the right technical knowledge and team to be able to support schools in this fast-moving area of EdTech. Over the years we have grown our team to be able to offer increased technical support, advice, and training, this has proven to be highly successful in helping our schools, especially when delivering remote learning.

In 2017, we decided to offer our support and expertise to schools outside Discovery with our first partnership offering a long-term consultation and strategic role in migrating to an internal technician support team and the benefits this brought. We have since delivered many other services such as supporting a large 4-form entry primary with one of our senior technicians helping to transform the school’s network.

We are able to offer many different areas of support including:

  • Consultation including building an internal technical team
  • Website design, hosting and support
  • Support and advice on Office 365
  • Hosted Asset Inventory
  • Technical break/fix services
  • Network Monitoring with alert system

If you are interested in any of the services we can offer, please get in touch.

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